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What We Do

Get More Leads

Google SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)

Paid Advertising

Social Marketing

Customer Relationship Management


Estimate Calculators

Email Templates

Web Development

And Much More!


Complete Business Development

Unlike other development and marketing companies, we don’t provide basic business services or simple social media marketing strategies. To us, that is the bare necessities of what should already be provided. Instead, we work with businesses directly to create and impliment customized tools, special built for your business. With cutting edge technology and techniques, we help build businesses one brick at a time.

All-In-One Business Backend

DK Developments specializes in creating custom business web tools, advanced form systems & internal management tools. In simple terms, we help create your entire business backend from getting and managing leads, employee portals, hiring, HR, onboarding, and whatever else your business needs to succeed!

web development & analytics

Business websites, ecommerce shops, media streaming, blogs, and more! No matter the web development needs, we have the knowledge to not only build your dream, but track and analyze it too.

Internal managment systems

Track all of the details of your business with tools like a customized CRM, worker/employee portals, web tracking & analytics. Get all the data that matters to your business, all in one place.

hiring, onboarding, & Training

Hiring has become one of the most important, and sometimes, the most difficult issues facing most businesses. Having a system in place to find new talent, interview, onboard, and train is essential. We specialize in creating systems custom built for your business, to help streamline the entire process.

marketing & Branding implimentation

There is a massive difference between marketing & branding and we cover every aspect of both. It should be simple to market a good business to get new leads but it is a different task entirely creating a community and brand around your business. We create the perfect strategy to propell your business.

Complete Business Marketing

Already have solid business structure, internal systems, and the people to provide your service or product? Now you need to create the perfect machine to not only gain new leads but retarget, referer, create customer lists, and more! With proven strategies using the most current web development and branding techniques, we work to creating your perfect lead generating & marketing machine.

customized web marketing & Branding

Content is king! This phrase has never become more true and this is our specialty. With proven methods of gaining large social followings, high traffic websties, sales funnels, & ecommerce, so no matter what business you are in, we are here to help!

Brand, Market, & customer research

Knowledge is power! With a team of people researching demographics, customer profiles, competition, and your perfect customer. We then can use this data for things like getting seen on Google, paid advertising, social media marketing, and more!

lead generation system implimentation

With the correct customer research information, creating the perfect lead generation system is now easier than ever! DK Developments has proven systems that your business can impliment for collecting leads today!

How It Works


Fill out the simple form below and we begin the process of learning about your idea & business. Within 48 hours, we will reach out with your chosen preferred method of contact.


Once we have a good understanding of your business, we begin desinging your complete A to Z business plan, mapping out all of the tools & tactics we will use on your path to success.


After designing the tools & tactics, we analye and refine. Unlike other business development companies that offer simple online tools or social media management, we are a “hands on” only development company.


We then impliment all of your new customized technology, internal systems & shiny new tools. Now is time to build your empire!

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How can we help boost your business?
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Our Work

DK Developments was born after viewing, first hand, the insane amount of half baked business tools, slimey feeling marketing/website design companies, or just blatant scams that are out there today.

Our idea is simple. Provide tested & proven tools and tactics to build sustainable business growth. Because no one tool fits all, we only work with a select few businesses, building the custom technology & management systems needed for their specific business to grow and thrive.

The proof is in the pudding! Here are some real examples of our work:

Brick Pros KC

Complete website development, search engine optimization, and sales funnel for Kansas City’s premiere mason masters.

Supreme Custom Metal Work

Complete web development, search engine optimization, and sales funnel build for Dallas based metal fabrication company.

Just Gym Stuff

A full ecommerce build including branding, design, web development, sales funnel, SEO & more!

Casual Foodie Truck / Disco Gelato

Complete web development, search engine optimization, and sales funnel build for Kansas City event food trucks for any event!

LGM Boys

Kansas City’s highest rated moving company turned full time content creators!

Gussis & Alexander

Complete web development and branding for Real Estate attornies located in Chicago.

Body Acceptance Project

charity driven clothing line full website branding and build out.

Ready to Make Your Idea Come to Life?

limited availability

How can we help boost your business?
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