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About DK Developments

Our Goal

Business consulting and so called business experts are a dime a dozen these days. It seems more and more difficult to weed out those who are just talk vs those who are true experts. Luckily, one way to find out who can walk the walk is by their work.

Featured in business publications such as Startland News, I am co-owner of Let’s Get Moving LLC., Kansas City’s highest rated moving company. I have successfully achieved to grow my own companies by 5X through proprietary technology & digital system integration. Now I am looking to give away all of the secrets and systems to help grow businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Meet the person behind the bricks

My name is Desi Kraus and I am the owner of DK Developments LLC & LGM Boys LLC.

I spent some time in my childhood growing up in Austin Texas where even when I was young, I remember my entreprenurial spirit shined when I began drawing trading cards and trying to sell them back in kindergarden.

While I was still young, I then was moved to a small suburb of Chicago where I spent my time saturated in art, music, and technology. My first dip into real business was working as a graphic designer for a marketing company which is where I began to learn web development. Granted web delopment in 2009 was a tad bit different, it was only the beginning of my obsession. Now this obsession led to learning as much as I could not only about the web development, but how technology, the internet, and how to make businesses better with them.

After working in a large variety of industies for others, I decided to take the leap after meeting my now current business partners, Chase, Stephen, and Kyle. In 2018 I joined the Let’s Get Moving team while the business was still just a paper calendar, a small truck, and a cell phone. Within just a few years, I was able to increase business over 5X now making Let’s Get Moving a multimillion dollar and Kansas City’s Highest Rated Moving Company.

Now to say the journey was nothing but sunshine and rainbows would be a blatant lie. But the bumps along the way are what taught me the secrets to growing a real business through technology, structure, and good ol’ fashion elbow grease. And now I want to share these secrets with you.

Our Work

DK Developments was born after viewing, first hand, the insane amount of half baked business tools, slimey feeling marketing/website design companies, or just blatant scams that are out there today.

Our idea is simple. Provide tested & proven tools and tactics to build sustainable business growth. Because no one tool fits all, we only work with a select few businesses, building the custom technology & management systems needed for their specific business to grow and thrive.

The proof is in the pudding! Here are some real examples of our work:

Just Gym Stuff

A full ecommerce build including branding, design, web development, sales funnel, SEO & more!

Brick Pros KC

Complete website development, search engine optimization, and sales funnel for Kansas City’s premiere mason masters.

Supreme Custom Metal Work

Complete web development, search engine optimization, and sales funnel build for Dallas based metal fabrication company.

LGM Boys

Kansas City’s highest rated moving company turned full time content creators!

Body Acceptance Project

Charity driven clothing line full website branding and build out.

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