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Offering many different free resources to businesses, our main goal is to help!

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      How to market / advertise your business

      With so many different ways to advertise your business, it can seem like a daunting task figuring out which one works best for your business. And nowadays, everyone is using the internet and their phones for almost everything so your advertising must reflect that. Despite there being so many advertising options, the method for advertising online is relatively the same.

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      Online business resources

      Building your website and want to know what to use? We are here to help!

      Here is some of the resources real businesses use.

      Free business classes

      Marketing / Advertising Classes

      Learn things like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, conditional formula driven forms, sales funnels, and more! Free classes available through sign up! 

      Content Creation

      With all the camera, lighting, and audio equipment, we can help show you how to create content at mass for a killer marketing campaign.

      Internal Business Structuring & Tools

      Want to learn about how big businesses structure their employees or what internal tools they incorporate for success? With in-use and real life examples, you can start implementing your own tools for success!

      All classes are by demand only and are a first come first serve basis.

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      Need Business Contacts? Grow your business network

      A major part of running a successful business is growing the amount of connections you have with other business owners. Looking to get in front of a specific person in a specific position or learn more about a particular industry? The only way to do that is by meeting new people.

      We know this is all much easier said than done but our goal is to make this easier. We want to help you grow your connections and help network with other like minded businesses. We will open up our contact list with everyone we know in order to get you in front of the right person, people, or business. Our #1 priority is to help!

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      Speaking & Consulting

      Sometimes you may not need the tools but the mindset of a business owner & entrepreneur. Sometimes you may just need someone who has proven to have done it come in and just share some insight to what they know.

      The right mindset can make all of the difference! Hear directly from someone who has experience in the trenches of building a business. Have owner, Desi Kraus, speak on one or many topics of your choice. From technology, to social media marketing, to managing employees/customers, nothing is off limits!

      Regardless if you want a small team to learn some specifics, or an arena full of people to understand a mindset, we are ready to give away all our secrets.

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