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Building an Online Marketing Machine

With so many different ways to advertise your business, it can seem like a daunting task figuring out which one works best for your business. And nowadays, everyone is using the internet and their phones for almost everything so your advertising must reflect that. Despite there being so many advertising options, the method for advertising online is relatively the same.

Here is a pretty simple breakdown of how you can start building your ultimate marketing machine today.

The Perfect Customer – Lead demographics

Before you can begin creating anything, you must research and create your “Perfect Customer” profile. This means, listing out all of the attributes of what you consider the perfect customer. Information like:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Household Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Interests
  • Keywords – If the perfect customer was to search for your business, what words would they search.

This information is an absolute must have especially when advertising on platforms such as Google, TikTok, Facebook/Insta, and others.


Next up is a sales funnel. A funnel, in simple terms, is just a way to capture leads from where people’s attention is at, to your website with your product or service. The best way we have found to do that is through qualifying forms on a thoroughly detailed website.

Having a detailed website should honestly be a given in this day and age but so many businesses are still behind the times. The greatest thing about online lead collection is once you’ve created the content and website, you don’t need to create it again. Now editing is an obvious part of this but the bulk of what is created shouldn’t change much. And if your content is quality, the longer it is available online, the more Google will begin to promote your information to specific keyword searches. This is a time consuming portion of this process but is one that has the most positive future impact if done correctly.

A breakdown of bare minimum information needed on your website is:

  • A homepage with a breakdown of all your services, a short about the business, an FAQ, and qualifying form
  • An about page with detailed information of your business, how it was started, why it was started, who is on the team and whatever other important information.
  • A services page listing out all of your services AS WELL AS an FAQ and a breakdown of how your services work
  • A contact page with all your business information and easy ways to get in touch with your business
  • Any other information pages that will be pertinent to your business

Honestly, most people cannot produce the amount of content that would be adequate but this is the bare minimum of what is needed.

All of this information is what becomes your foundation and gives your customers the reassurance that you have a professional business.

Now with a user friendly, informational, and responsive website, next is a qualifying form. This is how it works: say you are advertising on Google, someone clicks your ad/link to your website which has a custom form trying to capture the information of the lead. Now this form will take time to get perfect but the intent of the form is to give your lead every option available to give you their information for your service or to buy your product.

Service Provider

In this example, we will be using a service providing business. Your goal is when someone searches for your service, your funnel/website pops up and is easy enough for a potential customer to fill out your form. Now your form must be extremely well thought out and will more than likely need to be conditional. That means, particular answers will take you to different parts of the form. This becomes extremely useful because if someone only wants to give minimal information, you still have the opportunity to earn their business but if someone is very serious about your service, they are more willing to give much more information, especially if the information given gets them further along the process of you providing your service. This is a win/win scenario as the customer feels as if you are helping get to the point of a dollar and cents(quote/estimate) while showing your professionalism and YOU get more leads further into your sales process with less work.

A qualifying form should contain maximum efficiency in terms of ease of use, as well as, getting the most vital information in order to provide an estimate. In simple terms, you don’t only need their name and contact info but things like the when, where, how, and any pertinent info that is not intrusive but vital for you to provide your service.

Here is an example of a qualifying form with multiple conditional answers

Creating conditional & formula driven qualifying forms is a specialty of DK Developments. We create custom forms for different lead capturing events as well as internal forms for management, tracking, and analytics.

Sending Traffic

Now with a website, funnel, and qualifying form, you can begin to send traffic with tools like Google Ads. If done correctly, many will not see the need for further testing beyond this point because why fix what isn’t broken but that is a dire mistake. Continuous testing, running A/B split testing, and fine tuning keywords for advertising platforms like Google will ensure longevity and effectiveness of your ads and website.

That’s it! You now have a marketing machine. If your product or service is genuinely good, this is a proven and successful method for building consistent leads and market any business.

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