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Complete Business Development

Unlike other development and marketing companies, we don’t provide basic business services or simple social media marketing strategies. To us, that is the bare necessities of what should already be provided. Instead, we work with businesses directly to create and impliment customized tools, special built for your business. With cutting edge technology and techniques, we help build businesses one brick at a time.

All-In-One Business Backend

DK Developments specializes in creating custom business web tools, advanced form systems & internal management tools. In simple terms, we help create your entire business backend from getting and managing leads, employee portals, hiring, HR, onboarding, and whatever else your business needs to succeed!

web development

Business websites, ecommerce shops, media streaming, blogs, and more! No matter the web development needs, we have the knowledge to not only build your dream, but track and analyze it too.

Internal managment Tools

Track all of the details of your business with tools for customer management, employee portals, custom calculators, logistics management & more! Get all the data that matters to your business, in one place.

hiring, onboarding, & Training Tools

Hiring has become one of the most important, and sometimes, the most difficult issues facing most businesses. Having a system in place to find new talent, interview, onboard, and train is essential. We specialize in creating systems custom built for your business, to streamline the entire process.

marketing & Branding

There is a massive difference between marketing & branding and we cover both. We help your business find new customers while also creating a community & brand around your business.

Complete Business Marketing

Already have solid business structure, internal systems, and the people to provide your service or product? Now you need to create the perfect machine to not only gain new leads but retarget, referer, create customer lists, and more! With proven strategies using the most current web development and branding techniques, we work to creating your perfect lead generating & marketing machine.

Social Media Marketing

Content is king! This phrase has never become more true and this is our specialty. With proven methods of gaining large social followings, high traffic websties, sales funnels, & ecommerce with content, it doesn’t matter what business you are in, we can help!

Search Engine Optimization

Knowledge is power! With a team of people researching demographics, customer profiles, competition, and your perfect customer, we use data to get seen by the right people on Google.

lead generation

With the correct customer research information, creating the perfect lead generation system is now easier than ever! DK Developments has proven systems that your business can impliment for collecting leads today!

Bricks to Build your Business

all of the bricks you need

Complete Business Development

Unlike others, we don’t offer single tools for profit. All of our tools and creations work together and in turn, would lose effectiveness if seperated. As an entire package this will include but is not limited to:

  • Corportate and sales website creation
  • Online employee management & training tools
  • Customer portals
  • Custom logistics tools
  • Custom calculators
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Branding & marketing design
  • Customer research
  • And much more!

Simply put, if you think we can help, we probably can! Get in touch today!


How It Works

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We begin desinging your complete A to Z plan, mapping out all of the tools & tactics we will use on your path to success.

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We then implement & refine. Unlike other companies that offer simple online tools or social media management only, we are a “hands on” development company.

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Direct, one on one, consultation with those who have done it before. Want to learn some new techniques to impliment in your business? Or maybe learn where your systems can be improved? Working one on one may be exactly what you need to get your business to the next step.

Single campaign & Content

Want to set up a single marketing campaign on social media or Google? You will need content, custom tailored to your business. That’s where we come in! After doing in depth research on your market and demographics, we create marketing campaigns to achieve  maximum exposure with minimal ad budget.


Complete business development

Our most complete business package! From lead collection, to sales funnels, to employee portals, and more. We create EVERYTHING your business needs, from the ground up, to help streamline not only how you manage and track leads, but employee portals, hiring, onboarding, email templates, social media marketing, custom formula driven forms, and everything in between!

Simple Website & Funnels

Unlike other web development, we don’t just make websites. A website is the lifeline to any business, in this day and age, and it should be treated as such. We not only create a website but a lead generator, an SEO(search engine optomized) data center, method of contact, a networking tool, and a specialized tool for your business to grow. Availability limited.

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