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Themes we actually use

Recommended WordPress Themes

A good WordPress theme is the foundation to an entire website. Depending on the purpose of your website, there are many different themes that will fit your needs.

      All in One Themes

      Here are a couple different recommendations for all around themes with capabilities of doing it all:


      Created by a massive producer of WordPress themes and plugins, Divi is one of, if not the most popular WordPress theme. With almost unlimited capability, regardless of your business, this drag and drop theme has amazing features such as prebuild website page templates, built in analytics, and multiple addon plugins!


      With a price range of $89-$249 per year, this theme can do almost anything you need:

      Divi Theme by Elegant Themes


      Being one of the biggest WordPress themes available, Betheme has many of the same features as Divi, just with different interface. Though this theme tends to be on the larger side for a website, it still offers a drap and drop building system with many prebuild website themes available.

      With a one time charge of $59 per download, this theme can do almost everything Divi can do.

      Betheme WordPress Theme

      Plugins we actually use

      Recommended WordPress Plugins

      With what feels like an infinite amount of WordPress plugins all offering different capabilities, it can feel overwhelming finding the good among the mediocre. 

          Plugins we actually use in our businesses

          Offering everything for form systems, to member management, to ecommerce, and more, here are just some of the plugins we actually use in our businesses.

          Formidable Forms

          Almost every website will have the need to build and manage forms. Whether it is just to collect emails, leads, or create appointments, a good form system is important for not only ease of use for you but for the one filling it out.

          Offering a pro version starting at $39.50/ year, Formidable Forms has been a massive addition to how we operate all of our businesses.

          Formidable Forms WordPress Plugin

          Ultimate Member

          If you are looking for the capability of having multiple people register and login to your website and provide specific content to different roles, a good member plugin is crucial!

          This can be perfect for internal business management, customer portals and more. The WordPress plugin we use is called “Ultimate Member”.

          Ultimate Member is a totally FREE plugin with paid premium options, offering advance user role options, registration tools, and more!

          Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin


          If you are looking to run an ecommerce shop, WooCommerce is the WordPress standard.

          WooCommerce is totally free with paid premium addons available. WooCommerce makes creating an ecommerce website extremely easy by making a simple step by step process to help set up things like shipping, taxes, inventory, and more!

          As a plugin we personally use for our shop, we only have recommendations for the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin.

          WPMU Dev

          WMPU DEV is a bit of a different plugin on this list as it has many additional plugins that you attach to the main plugin. Each plugin offering different capabilities such as image compression, website security, website maintainence and more.

          Starting at $7.50/month, this plugin set is a what we use to manage, optimize, and create epic WordPress websites.

          WPMU DEV WordPress Plugins

          Ninja Tables

          A utility WordPress plugin we use in order to not only display data but create editable tables, a customer relationship manager, and internal business data tracking.

          If you have to display data or have data the you need others to see/edit, Ninja Tables Pro is who we recommend. Offering a free version, there is also a paid Pro version starting at $49 per domain.

          Ninja Tables Pro WordPress Plugin

          WPS Hide Login

          With one simple funtion of changing the WordPress login page from the basic URL to a custom URL, WPS Hide Login helps avoid malicious login attempts and makes it just a little harder for people with malintent.

          Used in our own websites, this is a simple but necessary plugin.

          WPS Hide Login WordPress Plugin

          fast & Reliable web hosting

          Recommended Website Hosting & Web Server

          A good webserver is extremely important! Things like loading speed, uptime, and content management are what Google look at and determine how good your site is and how Google will serve your website to those who search it.


          The fastest & most reliable we have tried

          After trying many different web servers, we have been narrowed down to one and an honorable mention.


          Kinsta is a WordPress specific and managed hosting. With the fastest speeds, fastest content delivery network, and built in, simple to use server tools put Kinsta at the top of our list for recommended webserver.

          With different price points starting at $30 per month for a single website, Kinsta is definitely at the high end of cost for a webserver but for good reason, because it is the best we have tried!

          Kinsta WordPress Hosting

          Honorable Mention - Hostgator

          Hostgator has been around for years and for good reason! Offering tons of options and price points, for someone just beginning, Hostgator can be a great choice!

          With a 99.9% uptime, starting costs of $2.75/month, and tons of tools like a WordPress installer, Hostgator is a pretty safe option for web hosting.

          Hostgator Web Hosting

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